Custom Manufacturing Solutions


Tianjiang provides custom manufacturing services in full spectrum pure herbal extracts or 5:1 herbal extracts in bottled or bagged packages.


  • Custom single extracts or extract blends in bulk packages or finished products

  • Customized granulation

  • Product development solutions

  • Private labeling service of full-spectrum

  • herbal extract products in extract form or capsule form

All private labeling products meet GMP and cGMP standards and verified with fingerprint identification tests. Every batch of product has a certificate of analysis (COA) and comprehensive tests. We also contract out with US cGMP manufacturers for made in US private labeling products. Please call us at 1-888-258-354 for detailed information.



Please note:

  1. Customer needs to provide printed private labels to Tianjiang.

  2. Private labeling services require a minimum order of 50 bottles per single extract or 200 bottles per extract blend,1000 bottles per product in capsule form. 

  3. A 50 % down payment on your order will be collected before Private labeling order is placed, and another 50 % will be due before the finished products have been shipped from our warehouse.

  4. All the Private labeling quotation is f.o.b. Ithaca, NY.

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